Biomutant – How to unlock the Glider – Automation Guide

This guide will show you how to unlock the Glider or the Airglider in Biomutant.

How to unlock the Glider in Biomutant

Judging from how big the size of the entire map of Biomutant is, reaching certain locations can take really long on foot. Your job is to find all the help you can get in order to reach such locations as fast as possible.

I am pretty sure that most of you have seen air gliding in games like Breath of the Wild. Well, you can do the same in Biomutant. You need the Glider for that.

The Glider in Biomutant is an “Automation Function” that you have to unlock in order to use it. You don’t get it by default. Also, if you just keep doing the main missions only. There is a high chance that you won’t get to unlock the Glider, as the mission is not a part of the main quest.

How to unlock the Glider

The Glider is actually locked behind a side quest, and this side quest can be found at different locations. I don’t know about others, but here is how I unlocked my Glider.

The side quest you need to find is called “The Mirage – Catch the Mirage“. I found the quest just outside Pokburr. Fast travel or just travel to Pokburr and go to the location shown on the map below:

Biomutant - The Mirage quest location

The location is just outside the Outpost of Pokburr. As soon as you cross the outpost, you will immediately unlock the Mirage quest. You should see this creature in front of you:

Interact with it, and you should find yourself in a different location. The Mirage quest should get updated to “Flashbacked – Defeat the Disciple“. In this location, you will have to beat the opponent in front of you using hand-to-hand combat. Win the battle, and you should get an option to choose among four unlockable items or Automation Functionalities:

  1. Health-Injector
  2. Power-up
  3. Pew-Pew Gang
  4. Airglider

Select Airglider and you will successfully unlock the Glider in Biomutant.

How to use the Glider

To use the Glider, jump off at a high elevation and then press and Hold jump again while in the air. You control it when flying by using the navigation controls. Pitching it down will increasing the speed.

If you think I have been able to help you with this guide, let me know in the comment section below. And more Biomutant guides keep an eye on Frondtech. Happy gaming!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on May 26, 2021

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