Biomutant – How to fix Lag, FPS Drops and Stuttering

Despite having impressive graphics quality and gameplay mechanics, Biomutant is not really an AAA game. Experiment 101 is a developer group of only 20 people, and the budget that got allocated for Biomutant was not that big either. Still, I think that the team has done a tremendous job and made a game that is easily one of the best looking games of 2021.

Biomutant is a third-person post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG, with a unique martial arts styled combat system allowing you to mix melee, shooting and mutant ability action. The story is mission-based and mission lines are character-based. Certain characters will provide the player quest lines that are emanating from their area. The more the player interacts with this character, the wider the arc of that specific area becomes. You could easily get glued to the game and not realize it for hours. Get the rest of the basic details from the Steam page of Biomutant.

Though, that doesn’t mean that the game is perfect. Biomutant has its fair share of issues. Not as many as the other AAA games released this year. But there are some.

A lot of players have already started complaining about issues like lag, fps drops, stuttering. Here are the issues that Biomutant PC players are experiencing along with some steps to fix them.

Biomutant – How to fix Lag, FPS Drops and Stuttering

This performance guide will show you how to fix lag, fps drops and stuttering issues in Biomutant PC.

Before you move further into the guide, make sure you take a look at the minimum and recommended requirements of Biomutant. And also download the drivers optimized for the game. You can check out the system requirements from here. Nvidia GPU users can download the latest drivers from here or via GeForce Experience. AMD users can download the latest drivers from here.

Not let’s get to the fixes:

Nvidia Control Panel settings for Biomutant

Try tweaking the Control Panel settings of your graphics cards. Nvidia users, open Nvidia Control Pane > click on ‘Adjust image settings with preview‘ located on the left side under 3D settings and make sure that ‘Use the advanced 3D image settings‘ is selected. Now select “Manage 3D settings” from the left bar and click on the Program Settings tab. Locate Biomutant from the drop-down menu under “Select a program to customize”. Once you have successfully added the game, you will then see the program settings become available for the game. Now tweak the following settings:
Threaded Optimization : On
Power Management : Prefer Maximum Performance
Low Latency Mode : Off
Vertical sync : Off
Texture filtering – Quality : Performance

AMD Control Panel settings for every card

Do the following:

  1. Right-click on your desktop and click on AMD Radeon Software
  2. Click on the Gaming tab
  3. Click on Global Graphics
  4. Set your Graphics Profile to “Custom”

Now tweak the following settings:

  • Radeon Anti-Lag : Disabled
  • Radeon Chill : Disabled
  • Boost : Disabled
  • Image Sharpening : Disabled
  • Radeon Enhanced Sync : Disabled
  • Wait for Vertical Refresh : Always Off

Now click on Advanced. Tweak the following settings:

  • Anti-Aliasing : Use Application settings
  • Anti-aliasing Method : Multi-sampling
  • Morphological Anti-Aliasing : Disabled
  • Anisotropic Filtering : Disabled
  • Texture Filtering Quality : Performance
  • Surface Format Optimization : Enabled
  • Tessellation Mode : Override application settings
  • Maximum Tessellation Level : Off
  • OpenGL Triple Buffering : Disabled
  • 10-Bit Pixel Format : Disabled
  • GPU Workload : Graphics

Now reset the Shader Cache by hitting Performance Reset at the bottom of the list.

Click on the General tab on top. Look to the bottom-right, you should the In-Game Overlay option. Disable it.

Terminate demanding applications running in the background

Nowadays, every gaming accessory has its own software. Be it your mouse, your keyboard, your headset, etc. This results in a good deal of software running in the background. And some software, like the Razer Central, could be indeed pretty heavy.

If you have heavy applications running in the background, and you do not have a powerful CPU or high RAM capacity. Then there is a chance that the lag you are getting in Biomutant is being caused due to some applications eating up a lot of resources. Just open your Task Manager, select the Processes tab and click on CPU. Make sure the arrow beside it is facing downwards. Doing this will pull the resource hungry applications on top. Look for the processes that you do not need, yet they are consuming a hefty chunk of the CPU. Right click on them and click on “End Task”.

Graphics performance preference

The Graphics Settings menu has an awesome feature that allows you to set a graphics performance preference for a particular app. Here is how to do it:

  • Type “Graphics Settings” on your Windows Search bar and open it
  • Set “Choose an app to set preference” to Desktop app
  • Click on browse
  • Go to the installation folder of Biomutant[steamapps/common/Biomutant]
  • Select biomutant.exe
  • Click on Options once the .exe file is added
  • Choose High Performance
  • Restart your PC

Tweak in-game settings

There is a chance that there isn’t any issue with the game at all. And the lag is being caused by the Graphics Settings of the game, set too High. In that case, follow my guide[If you do not see the link to the article here, I am most probably editing it. Should be up very soon] to the graphics settings of Biomutant. I have tested the game on a GTX 1050ti as well as on a RTX 3070.

Windows 10 utilities

Microsoft has been adding a lot of “Gaming” utilities recently in Windows 10 that keep running in the background, hogging a ton of resources, without users having any idea about it.

The Background Recording feature, for example. Turn it off by heading over to the “Gaming” settings located inside the Windows Settings menu. There you should find something called “Captures” on the left. Click on it and disable the Background Recording feature inside it.

The Xbox Game Bar is another feature you need to disable. Go to Windows Settings > Gaming > Xbox Game Bar. Turn it off.

And finally the Game Mode feature, it is a complete hit or miss. In some games this features helps while it causes performance issues in some. So it is better to turn it off. Here is how to disable game mode. Open Windows 10 Settings menu > Click on Gaming > Select Game Mode from the left sidebar > Turn it off > Restart your game launcher


Disable every single overlay that you have on right now. Overlays from applications like Discord, Nvidia GeForce Experience, Steam, etc., are known to cause issues in games. So disable all of them.

Check out the 4k 60FPS PC gameplay footage of Biomutant:

If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below. And for more Biomutant guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. We will be covering every single technical issue of the game on the launch day. Good luck!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on May 26, 2021

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