Best Weapons to Farm before Lightfall

It’s now technically mandatory for you to farm some weapons as the Destiny 2 Lightfall event happens to be right around the corner, not to mention the new expansion cards. One can expect the Lightfall event to be quite difficult, as the standard set by the Witch Queen Campaign was quite high. The champion mods in the game will be removed, and in order to stun them, you’ll be able to use certain subclass buffs and debuffs. That leaves the window open for you to farm a few essential weapons before the expansion goes live pretty soon. Here they are:

Best Weapons to Farm before Lightfall

IKELOS SMG (V 1.0.3)

Ikelos SMG 2023 - Destiny 2 Lightfall

This weapon easily goes on top of the list. If you want to know the reason for that, check out Aztecross’s latest video:

If not the best, the IKELOS SMG could be regarded as one of the best SMGs in the game to this date and there’s only one reason for it, the seraph rounds. Another advantage you’ll have is Voltshot, given the phenomenal fire rate the weapon has. This weapon excels in both PvP and PvE.


Riptide - Destiny 2 Lightfall

One of the best special weapons, if not the best special weapon, to farm before Lightfall, for sure. The weapon drops via crucible, and additionally, you should be on the lookout for a Riptide with the Chill Clip roll. In contrast, the subclass-based buffs would allow you to stun different champions as the new expansion goes live. All three of the champions can be stunned using the Riptide fusion rifle, making it a very strong weapon and a good choice, but only time will tell how it’ll actually perform. Nevertheless, it’s a must-have.

Calus Mini-Tool

Calus Mini-Tool - Destiny 2 Lightfall

This is easily one of the best weapons to farm for your solar builds. Calus Mini-Tool is a 900 RPM Solar SMG that rolls with Incandescent. That should explain pretty much explain it.

The Retrofit Escapade

Restrofit Escapade - Destiny 2 Lightfall

A Heavy Weapon you must have before the Lightfall event goes live, we got the Retrofit Escapade. This is probably one of the few guns that can melt actual bosses pretty quickly. The Retrofit Escapade has been introduced in the latest season, that’d be the season of the Seraph, which happens to be a pretty sweet DPS alternative, and we expect it to be so as Lightfall arrives. It has already proven itself to be extremely potent with the Gyrfalcon Build.

The ideal perks for this particular weapon would be Target lock and Fourth times’ the charm as the first perk would add on another bullet to your mag as you make subsequent precision hits on an enemy and paired up with the latter, it’d increase the total damage output as you’re engaged on to the same target. If you manage to pair it with the Radiant Buff, you’ve pretty much created another boss-destroyer.

Tarnished Mettle

Tarnished Mettle - Destiny 2 Lightfall

Players agree to the fact that one of the best things to come out of the season of plunder is the Tarnished Mettle rifle. It is a scout rifle that can certainly outdo Tears of Contrition if you’ve got rolls on it that are good enough. One of the rolls that you must have is the Voltshot roll which works best with the Demolitionist roll. Both of these rolls go hand in hand, ensuring that you’ve got Voltshot all the time, given that you don’t forget to use those grenades, of course.

Fire and Forget

Fire and Forget - Destiny 2 Lightfall

The Witch Queen expansion is actually known for including some very powerful linear fusion rifles. It still isn’t very clear, however, we do expect these rifles to hold up to the standard they’ve set in the Lightfall expansion as well. What truly makes this weapon unique is that it’s got the ability to burst-fire (3-shots at a time). Additionally, the rolls you should be looking at here would be Frenzy, Field-Prep, Demolitionist, and Vorpal Weapon as the field prep and Demolitionist blend well together given the grenade meta, and this further allows you to manage a steady flow of grenade energy as well. 

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Last Updated on February 6, 2023

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