Best Way to Level Up The Cycle Frontier Factions Fast

The Cycle: Frontier is a fun sci-fi first-person shooter that combines PvE and PvP action. Players can be helpful or detrimental at any time, as the frontier of space is a dangerous place for prospectors.

So the Cycle: Frontier offers 3 main factions, named Osiris, Korolev, and Ica. Users can execute duties for a specific faction while turning over rocks and enduring the hazards of people and aliens in The Cycle: Frontier. This can assist them in leveling up and obtaining rewards such as weapons and tools.

Players looking forward to leveling these Factions up, this guide tries to provide insights as to how you could do this more efficiently and quickly.

How to Level Up The Cycle Frontier Factions Fast and Easy

So there are a handful of ways using which you could achieve the same:

The First is, completing all the campaign mode missions/challenges given by the faction you’re looking to level up. It is advisable to aim for the completion of these challenges first, as they’ll be beneficial in the long run. That’ll probably be the quickest way to gain levels, considering you do it right (given later below).

Korolev Faction Missions - The Cycle Frontier

Players can now earn a decent amount of reputation by simply selling their unneeded stuff to their favorite side and adhering to tight rules. At any given time, up to three faction missions can be engaged, speeding up the process.

Secondly, do not scrap any stuff you come across on the planet. Alternatively, you can sell those artifacts to a faction in exchange for their blessing and reputation points.

You can choose and activate up to three missions from a single faction when quick-leveling factions. This makes collecting and keeping materials to finish all three goals in one go significantly more efficient.

Furthermore, you have the option of carrying three stacks of each item at all times. This will allow you to turn them in as soon as the mission is complete. As a result, you won’t have to run again.

Another fantastic approach to quickly level up a faction if you have a surplus of materials is to:

  1. Separate each item into three stacks (related to faction missions).
  2. Accept three faction tasks.
  3. Gather the necessary items (from your stash) and turn in the missions as soon as possible.

ICA Faction Missions - The Cycle Frontier

Finally, to level up your faction of choice, sell everything you find on a planet. The only exceptions are active quest goods (obviously) and crafting resources that will be used to enhance your armor and attachments.

With all that said, players should be able to level up their factions quicker, hope this guide helps you all!

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. And for more The Cycle Frontier guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. Good luck!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on June 13, 2022

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