Best Way to get Gols fast in My time at Sandrock

Earning your Gols in the first hours of the game is extremely crucial so that you can buy items required for crafting quickly without spending time on farming them. But there is good news and bad news about this. You can use the Gols or Sand Rock money and spend it to buy the items necessary for crafting. While on the other hand, the bad news is that getting Gols is not easy. You will have to spend time doing missions to earn Gols and sell your gathered items at the store for Gols. It might sound like other games that we have played so far, but it is a bit more complicated than you think because of the vast range of materials and items you need to craft, and with the help of Gols, you can fund your more significant projects with the least amount of time spent.

So this article will guide you on how to get Gols faster in My time at Sandrock.

How to get Gols faster in My time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock tests your patience, and things never happen instantly here. So the best way to get Gols is by doing missions available at the Yan Store. These missions will reward you with many Gols, and on the lower levels, you are required to turn in the essential items like the Bricks or Grindsaws. However, you might have to turn in at least five things most of the time to start those missions. But if you are crafting, you might need the additional resources, and for that, you can spend your earned goes in the store to purchase and prepare them. Once you are finished with the Commission, you will have to buy more items that you need to craft to fill up the items lost in doping those missions.

commission board

It is a complicated and messy system of earning. Still, once you have completed a dozen of those commission missions, you will have enough Gols or Sandrock money to start covering your other essential purchases so that you don’t need to spend time farming them. Also, make sure you play all the main missions in the game, as those quests pay well, and you can quickly make up for the losses.

What items to sell to earn Gols in My time at Sandrock

Most of the items in My Time at Sandrock are sellable. The things which you should never sell are the essentials like the Dinas and the stones. You can sell off plants you have collected while farming for water as they have no use and can be an easy money grab. You can also sell Honey that you get from the Bumble Ants. Although you will not be able to earn a lot of Gols, since you can quickly get a lot of honey stacks in the game, selling those off can be more than enough to fill your necessary funds.

What items to buy using Gols in My time at Sandrock

Although we would first recommend you increase your backpack size using the Gols as you won’t have a lot of inventory space in the game’s initial hours. You can also purchase blueprints and the essential crafting materials like the bronze cog, data disks, etc., that Yan sells from his Eufaula Salvage shop, with which you can unlock new machines in the game. Get Bronze Ore and tine Ores that you will need to upgrade the pick hammer. After the third or fourth mission, you would need to upgrade the pick hammer as the game expects you to wield an almost fully upgraded salvaging tool. If you have some Gols left, keep them for the time being because apart from the essentials, there is nothing much in the shop that you need to buy. Save your game money and use it to make more significant investments and purchases later in the game.

So this was all about how to get Gols father in My time at Sandrock.

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Last Updated on June 3, 2022

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