Best Way to Farm Terminal Overload Key in Destiny 2

Farm Terminal Overload Key – Lightfall was a highly anticipated DLC for Destiny 2 fans, and it received a mix of good and bad reviews on Steam. However, we are hardcore Destiny 2 fans and enjoy going through the Lightfall storyline. The game is filled with valuable items that you can get to upgrade your weapons or Titan.

The Terminal Overload keys are necessary to access all the valuable loot in Destiny 2. Yes, it is not easy to get them, as you need to find them while playing the all-new Lightfall DLC. So if you are confused or don’t know where to get it, this article will guide you on getting the Terminal Overload Key in Destiny 2.

How to get the Terminal Overload Key in Destiny 2

To start farming Terminal Overload Keys, you first need to get one. The Terminal Overload Key in Destiny 2 is a reward you can earn by participating in various activities. These activities will occur at Neomuna on Neptune’s planet. The Terminal Overload key can be earned by participating in the Terminal Overload Public Event. But before you do that, you will have to go and speak to Nimbus, a vendor at Neomuna. You will easily spot him right at the front of the Hall of Heroes on the map’s northern side.

As you speak to him, you will be able to get all the information about the bounties. You will also find a Daily Bounty mission, where taking part can help you earn a Terminal Overload Key.

Nimbus bounty that gives Terminal Overload Key

You will need three Guardians to fight against the evil forces at the Ahimsa Park region. Furthermore, you will be able to cause massive chaos whilst fighting powerful enemies. Remember that you won’t get the same bounty missions in the Terminal Overload activity; the activities will vary occasionally. So we will always recommend you adjust all your loadouts according to the enemies you will face.

Once you complete the Daily Bounty or the Terminal Overload Bounty missions, you will have one key on your inventory. You can use these Terminal Overload keys to unlock the Terminal Overload chests that give out valuable items as rewards. These chests are spread throughout the Neomuna region.

After you get your first Terminal Overload Key, you can start farming. The best way to farm Terminal Overload Keys is by doing the Terminal Overload Public Event. The chests at the end of the mission tend to have a chance to drop one. But you will have to do the following trick:

  1. Complete the Terminal Overload event.
  2. Wait for the two chests to spawn.
  3. One is a normal chest, and the other one is the Terminal Overload chest.
  4. Open the normal chest.
  5. If you get a Terminal Overload key, open the Terminal Overload chest immediately, and get your rewards.
  6. If you don’t get one, just exit the area, and come back.
  7. You will be able to open the normal chest again.
  8. For example, if you just finished the Terminal Overload event at Ahimsa Park, exit towards Zephyr Concourse, and come back again. Here is a blueprint:
    How to farm Terminal Overload Key
  9. Rinse and repeat.
  10. You will get three chances to open the normal chest before both chests disappear.

You can also try doing normal public events in the Vex Incursion Zones. These Vex Incursion Zones keep on rotating, so you will have to open your Map and see which area is the current Vex Incursion Zone. Try looking for this icon on the map:

Vex Incursion Zones rotation

Terminal Overload Keys have the highest drop rate from Terminal Overload events inside Vex Incursion Zones.

So this was all about how to get Terminal Overload Key in Destiny 2.

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Last Updated on March 8, 2023

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