Best way to Farm Cloud Accretion in Destiny 2

Cloud Accretion – The new Destiny 2 Lightfall DLC kept us glued to our seats with new content. Although the DLC got mixed reviews on Steam during launch, we are hardcore Destiny 2 fans, and we will continue exploring the game as much as we can to provide you with 100% accurate information and guides. The game is filled with resources for you to collect, and Cloud Accretion is one of them.

Cloud Accretion is a resource on the Neptune planet in Destiny 2. These resources can be found when exploring the planet and while you track it down when attempting the Unfinished business Exotic Quest. In this quest, you must acquire the Deterministic Chaos Exotic. First, you need to collect the Cloud Accretion in Destiny 2.

So if you are confused about where to start looking for it, this article will guide you on getting Cloud Accretion in Destiny 2.

Cloud Accretion - Destiny 2

Best way to get Cloud Accretion in Destiny 2

To get Cloud Accretion in Destiny 2, search for them while exploring the new Neomuna region. You will find these Cloud Accretions by exploring three different areas of this Neomuna region and then extracting as you do for the other planets. You can quickly locate the Cloud Accretion by holding up the Ghost, and they will highlight automatically on your UI. It becomes easier for you afterward to track it down, rather than being utterly clueless after completing the various Public events and the Patrols in the Neomuna region. But remember that don’t rely on your Ghost too much as they are highlighted only for a short period of time.

The best and the most efficient way of farming Cloud Accretion is by using an Enhanced Resource Detector on the Ghost to locate the Cloud Accretion properly.

Enhanced Resource Detector Mod

Using this Resource Detector, you will find three distinct resource node icons around Neomuna. These nodes make locating the Cloud Accretion in Destiny 2 easier. However, we suggest you search for it in the Liming Harbor District. This area is located on the far south side of the Neomuna, and you can also find the Vex over there. The Vex is part of the new Unfinished Business quests and drops Cipher Qudbits.

Once near a Cloud Accretion, press the E button on your keyboard to collect it. After tracking down all the Cloud Accretions in the area, you can remove the Enhanced Resource Extractor module. Although there aren’t many Cloud Accretions in the area, tracking them down can be pretty easy if you know how to use the Ghost properly.

So this was all about how to get Cloud Accretion in Destiny 2.

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Last Updated on March 3, 2023

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