Best Way to farm Aberrant Cinders Fast in Diablo 4

Cinder farm Diablo 4 – Strange enough, but there are actually a few currencies in Diablo IV that become accessible once you reach the endgame and one such currency in the game is Aberrant Cinders. There’s a specific way to acquire it, and if you’re wondering how to do the same, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading this article brought to learn more about farming Aberrant Cinders. 

Best Way to farm Aberrant Cinders Fast in Diablo 4

Best Way to farm Aberrant Cinders Fast in Diablo 4

The first thing you need to know to get your hands on Aberrant Cinders is that the only way to get it is through Helltide events. These events, once active, last about an hour and take place roughly once per two hours and fifteen minutes. Further, this currency can only be acquired once you’ve reached World Tier 3. 

You could earn Aberrant Cinders fast in Diablo 4 by eliminating monsters or finishing World Events in Helltide-affected areas. The events in the game last for about 60 minutes, as we’ve mentioned earlier, and you’ll want to make the most out of it, so we highly recommend that you engage in places with a higher concentration of monsters around. The world events in Helltide areas have waves of enemies, and you ideally should inflict Area-of-effect damage to maximize your chances. 

The reward chest that you get after the event is over is another way by which you could be rewarded a chunk of Aberrant Cinders. World Boss Events, too, is a great source, but the drawback is that there’s no notification when it’ll start. The only way to know is by visiting spawns for the same, but it’s worth it as the pay you’ll get by completing them is high in terms of Aberrant Cinders, at least. Lastly, pay attention towards Damned, Tortured and Wretched Souls, who appear like a shrine at first. Interact with them, and you’ll have a small chance to get Aberrant Cinders as a drop!

Now that you know how you could acquire Aberrant Cinders, here’s how/where you could use them-

The only use for Aberrant Cinders is to open different varieties of caches and dubbed tortured gifts. You’ll be able to view the majority of these on the map itself. Here’s a bit more about them-

Tortured Gift of Jewelry

It will set you back with 200 Aberrant Cinders for both Ring and Amulet gifts. Also, it’ll contain jewelry!

Tortured Gift of Protection

 It will set you back a total of 75 Aberrant Cinders and contain Armor.

Tortured Gift of Light Weaponry

It will contain a one-handed weapon and costs 125 Aberrant Cinders.

Tortured Gift of Heavy Weaponry

Costs 150 Aberrant Cinders and includes two-handed weaponry.

As we mentioned, most of these gifts are available on the map, but one stands out as it isn’t. The Tortured Gift of Mystery will cost 175 Aberrant Cinders and contain some legendary or unique items. Out of all the aforementioned gifts, we recommend that you opt for this particular one, and this is because these chests will reward you with some of the best items and hence have the best cost-to-reward ratio. Only two or three of these spawn during the Helltide Event, making it rare. It could include anything from Ancestral/Sacred Tiers, Fiend Roses, Forgotten Souls, etc. 

Is it even worth the effort to farm and use Aberrant Cinders?

This is a very subjective question due to the risk that the process of farming Aberrant Cinder carries. Every time you die in the game with Aberrant Cinder on you, you will lose half of what you’ve got. Further, they can’t be carried from one Helltide event to another, meaning that you’ll need to use them for the duration (60 minutes). So, to farm them or not is up to you.

However, we suggest that whenever you’ve got just enough of the currency to get the gift you desire, go for it rather than farm it out for unnecessary durations!

That’s everything there is to know about Aberrant Cinders in Diablo IV.

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Last Updated on July 1, 2023

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