Best Way to Earn Money quickly in Two Point Campus

A delightful, approachable, yet in-depth management sim called Two Point Campus lets you design and construct the university of your dreams. On August 9, 2022, Two Point Campus—which was created by Two Point Studios—was made available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The focus of Two Point Campus is creating and managing your own university, which will obviously cost a sizable sum of money. You will have to buy property to put your buildings on, update those buildings, hire and pay teachers and other personnel, buy things for your rooms, and so much more as you advance.

All of these purchases will require you to manage your funds in the most efficient way you possibly could. You probably also know that saving money in different forms is also earning it, so via this article, we at frondtech will guide you by covering the best way to earn/save money in Two Point Campus.

How to earn money quickly in Two Point Campus

Best Way to Earn Money quickly in Two Point Campus

Here’s how you can Save/Earn more money:

Research Projects to get paid big, quick.

The majority of your study will be focused on facility upgrades. After finishing and upgrading all of your facilities, you can continue conducting research but for financial gain.

You will be hit with random goals from Two Points Campus that might result in up to $50,000 per research. So that you may complete a research quickly, have a completely upgraded research lab available at your university with at least three teachers that have strong research stats.

Decreasing Staff Salaries

At the beginning of each year, you can change the wages of your employees. The only issue is that a skilled workforce will be upset if they are paid less. If you persist, they will depart and take whatever you’ve invested in them with them.

Investing in Courses

Your courses will always be the main source of income for Two Point Campus. Investing in education entails attracting students, who then generate revenue through dorm rentals and tuition. There won’t be a lot of students if you disregard the need for more courses, though. Your tuition costs will drop if you have no students, and since there are no students, no one will naturally want to rent your dorms. So, keep your attention entirely on your classes. To level up as rapidly as possible, focus on a couple of courses. To attract as many students as you can, make sure your course points are being used wisely.


Adding an archaeology course to your university’s curriculum is one surefire way to make a lot of money in Two Point Campus. For this, you will need a dig site, and every time a student discovers a relic or valuables there, you will be able to sell them for cash. Your revenue will greatly increase as a result.

Another tip is to hold off on selling a rare relic for a few months because the value of such relics will only increase over time. For instance, an Ancient Gem will cost roughly $40,000 if you locate one. Wait a few months, and the value will rise to $50,000.

The course fee can also be made to be very low or even free. As a result, you will make less money from tuition and housing rent, but you will be able to enroll more students, which will lead to more artifacts being discovered at your dig site and, ultimately, more revenue.

But keep in mind that a dig site has its own expenses. For their research, your students will need access to computers and scientific labs. Therefore, avoid jumping into numerous pits at once to avoid being bankrupt.

Increasing course fees for students

At the start of each year, you have the option of raising your tuition costs. That, however, carries a significant danger. Because the students will have to pay more, they will become quite dissatisfied. While you can find other ways to appease their discontent, if you keep raising the tuition costs relentlessly, they will leave the institution.

Taking Loans when needed

At the beginning of the game, you’ll undoubtedly need to take out a loan in order to manage other tasks and build up new courses. In the game, taking loans is okay because they will help you achieve your aim of developing facilities more quickly. However, you should keep a close check on your income and not just rely on loans.

Place vending and arcade machines

Make sure there is a vending machine for your students in each building. Along with making your students happier, having an arcade machine will also allow you to supplement your income, making it a win-win.

Only hire single-skilled faculty

It may look nice on paper to hire someone with several specialties, but they can only teach one course at once. Even though they are just teaching one course at your university, you will still compensate them according to their areas of expertise. For example, you might pay someone double for two courses.

Make sure to find a person who just focuses on medicine if you’re seeking someone to teach medicine. This will enable you to invest in the same person much more effectively while also saving you money.

Stop Expanding unnecessarily

You will run out of money if you keep growing your university in Two Point Campus, just as in any other simulation game. Stop purchasing land until you are prepared to start construction, and avoid adding more programs and rooms only for the purpose of doing so.

A valuable resource in Two Point Campus is money. You must be completely certain about the areas and things in which you must invest. It’s not a good idea to upgrade a facility that isn’t earning you enough money. So, before thinking large, learn to consider your income and resources.

And lastly, the Orb Foundation

If you still require money even after using all the aforementioned ways, you can bring in the Orb. Your kids’ minds will be adversely affected by the evil cult known as The Orb. However, each time a pupil advances within the cult, you are paid a stipend. Only use this strategy if you’re desperately looking for monetary solutions.

And that’s pretty much it, all about how you can save/earn more money in Two point campus.

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Last Updated on August 12, 2022

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