Best way to earn Mana fast in Forspoken

Earn Mana Fast in Forspoken – Mana is the most critical resource in Forspoken game that will help you get new spells. This Mana will also be helpful as you will use all your spells when battling against your enemies in Athia. So you would be aware of all the possible ways to earn Mana fast in Forspoken so that you can unlock different spells.

Here is a quick guide on how to get or farm Mana fast in Forspoken.

Best way to earn Mana fast in Forspoken

How to Earn Mana Fast in Forspoken

There are multiple ways to get Mana in Forspoken. You can either gather XP to level yourself up, which will reward you with 12-14 Mana, or you can also collect the Mana Directly. If you have played the Demo, you must have understood by now that you can collect scraps anywhere you go, which helps you earn enough XP to get Mana, but that being said, this isn’t the fastest way, as you will have to go through the process of leveling up yourself.

The fastest way to get Mana in Forspoken is by collecting it from the open world. Once you traverse the map, you will see some glowing light pillars. Once you interact with it, you will directly receive 1 Mana. Remember that these Pillars are either found in straight lines or clustered groups, so you won’t have issues getting them.

Getting one Mana is not enough; you will collect five or six of them from those clusters of pillars. Since you have to parkour around the map in Athia, you will come across many such destinations where you can get Mana. It is just like a Gold Miner who gets more prosperous by collecting the Gold Flakes instead of minors who look for nuggets but find nothing. This is why collecting single Mana from the pillars is the most consistent and fastest way to get Mana in Forspoken.

The second-fastest way to get Mana is by attempting the Side Activities. There are specific side activities listed in the game that helps you get Mana. You can also hunt for gold nuggets in these Mana Specific activities. The map will have icons that will tell you the activities and associated rewards. Select and complete the ones that will reward you with Mana, and you will be able to get a nice chunk of Mana for you.

So these are some of the fastest ways to get Mana in Forspoken.

Forspoken is an Open World Game developed by Luminous Studios and published by Square Enix. It is an action-adventure game set in the beautiful regions of Athia, a magical and mystical land where the protagonist gets teleported to.

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Last Updated on January 25, 2023

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