Best Titan Solar 3.0 Build for Duality Dungeon in Destiny 2

Titan Solar 3.0 Build – The amount of love I got on my Titan Void build was insane. Stuff like this is what keeps pushing me towards producing quality content. And that is why I am back with my Titan Solar 3.0 Build.

With the arrival of Season 17, Destiny 2 is once again filled with new content for players to dive into. The Season of the Haunted update has brought a ton of exciting stuff into the game. Yes, the hype might not be as much as it much during the release of Witch Queen. But, to real Destiny 2 fans, any type of content is good content. Good or bad, they will play it regardless.

The Season 17 update has brought a ton of content to the game. There are a bunch of new Exotics like the Trespasser, a ton of new powerful Legendary weapons like the New Purpose, Austringer is back, new activities, the new Duality Dungeon, and of course, Solar 3.0.

Yes, Season 17 has brought a lot of cool stuff. But this season has also been getting a lot of criticisms, lately. Many players are particularly mad at the fact, that Bungie “sunset” the Menagerie weapons to recycle them and bring them back again as one of the key attractions of Season of the Haunted.

Anyway, Solar 3.0 is the only thing that I was super excited about. I didn’t really care about the other stuff that was coming with Season 17. And now that it is finally here. I am literally glued to my screen, trying different builds, testing them inside the Duality Dungeon.

With that being said, here is what I think is the best Titan Solar 3.0 Build:

My Best Titan Solar 3.0 Build

Season 17 came out almost two weeks ago, and I have tested more than 20 builds during this time period. But I wasn’t able to come out with a good one because most of them are lacking in some departments. Some builds are great for crowd control but are trash during boss phases, and vice versa.

After testing for 10 days straight, here is the Solar 3.0 build that I finally decided to settle with. And which I have already used during 11 successful Duality Dungeon runs.

Super Ability Hammer of Sol
Class Ability Rally Barricade
Jump or Movement Ability Strafe Lift
Solar Melee Throwing Hammer
Solar Grenade Thermite Grenade
Aspect Slot 1 Sol Invictus
Aspect Slot 2 Roaring Flames
Fragment Slot 1 Ember of Solace
Fragment Slot 2 Ember of Singeing
Fragment Slot 3 Ember of Torches
Fragment Slot 4 Ember of Ashes
Kinetic Weapon Slot Any Pulse Rifle, Scout Rifle, Auto Rifle
Energy Weapon Slot Without Remorse or Calus Mini-Tool with Incandescent perk
Power Weapon Slot Tractor Cannon
Helmet Loreley Splendor Helmet Exotic, leveled up to 6 energy, at least.

Mods: Resilience Mod (Level 3), Shotgun Ammo Finder
Titan Helmet Mods - Best Solar 3.0 Build

Gauntlets Any pair of Legendary Gauntlet with Stasis Affinity (has to be Resilience-focused), leveled up to 9 Energy, at least.

Mods: Resilience Mod (Level 1), 2x Melee Kickstart
Titan Gauntlets Mods - Best Solar 3.0 Build

Chest Armor Any Legendary Chest Armor (has to be Resilience-focused), leveled up to 9 Energy, at least.

Mods: Resilience Mod (Level 3), Armor of the Dying Star (Available from the Season of the Haunted Artifact), Melee Wellmaker
Titan Chest Armor Mods - Best Solar 3.0 Build

Leg Armor Any Legendary Leg Armor (has to be Resilience-focused), leveled up to 7 Energy, at least.

Mods: Resilience Mod (Level 3), Shotgun Scavenger.
Titan Leg Armor Mods - Best Solar 3.0 Build

Titan Mark Any Legendary Titan Mark, leveled up to 7 Energy, at least.

Mods: Resilience Mod (Level 3), Distribution
Titan Mark Mods - Best Solar 3.0 Build

The Synergy

If you just came here for the build and didn’t care about understanding it, you can feel free to leave. The table above is all that there is to it.

Now, let me explain how does the build work. This whole build revolves around your Hammer. That is why people are calling it the “Bonk Build.” You will be bonking everyone around with your Hammer. After the Solar 3.0 rework, the Throwing Hammer melee ability is extremely viable in PvE. And you will hammer-spam your way to victory.

Let’s start with the MVP of this build, the Throwing Hammer. The Throwing Hammer is your Charged Melee ability, of course, that allows you to throw a solar hammer from a distance. Picking up a thrown hammer, fully recharges your melee ability. If the hammer struck a target, picking it up grants Cure.

If you thought the Warlock Sunbracers grenade build was spammy, wait till you try this. Here is what you need to do to make this build work. Unbind your regular melee or auto melee from your melee button, and exclusively bind your Charged Melee with it. If you don’t, when the enemies come close to you, you will automatically start doing regular melee attacks with your melee button instead of throwing the hammer. You will have to create some distance to use your hammer again. To avoid that, make sure you exclusively bind your Charged Melee with your melee button.

When dealing with a boss, go to his face and start throwing your hammer. Because your hammer will be hitting the boss almost every time, you will activate Cure every time you pick up your hammer. In case you start losing health during the damage phases, Cure will keep on restoring your health. Since you will be having 100 Resilience will all those Resilience-focused gear and Resilience Mods, you will become almost unbeatable. The Armor of the Dying Star mod will help a lot.

Due to the Ember of Torches fragment, you and your allies will have 100% up-time on Radiant, which means you will be dealing increased damage with your hammer exactly after your first hammer throw. The Ember of Solace fragment will further increase the duration of the Radiant buff. From what I have seen, you get 15 seconds of Radiant, with everything stacked.

During Boss phases inside the Duality Dungeon, start by hitting the boss with your hammer, and let all the buffs get activated, hit the boss with your Tractor Cannon, and get back to throwing the hammer again. Shoot your Tractor Cannot after 4-5 hammer throws. Check out this video where I am using this build on Nightmare of Gahlran (my friend had the Tractor Cannon):

Crowd Control

The build is god-like when it comes to crowd control, as well. Most of the time, you won’t even need your weapons. Your hammer will do an outstanding job. You will create a sunspot as soon as you get a final blow with your hammer. As soon as you step on the sunspot, you will immediately proc Sol Invictus. Your abilities will regenerate faster, your Super will drain more slowly, and you will activate Restoration, which further increases your survivability (Ember of Solace will increase the duration of Restoration). Also, when an enemy goes through your sunspot, it will immediately start burning and receive the Scorch debuff.

Furthermore, after getting an elimination with your hammer, you will proc Roaring Flames x1 (from the Roaring Flames aspect), which, when stacked with Radiant (will get activated as soon as you hit an enemy, due to the Ember of Torches fragment), will let you deal even more damage. Roaring Flames can be stacked up to 3 times. You will get an up-time of 19 seconds on Roaring Flames, and 15 seconds on Radiant.

Now, what if there are no enemies around you whom you can use to create sunspots? Well, that is where Loreley comes into play. Loreley lets you create sunspots on-demand with your Rally Barricade. Pop your barricade, create a sunspot, and enjoy the sweet buffs. In fact, I would recommend that instead of flying around when using your Hammer of Sol super, pop your barricade, create a sunspot, get the Sol Invictus buff, and throw your hammers while standing there only. Your super bar will drain very slowly.

Many of you might ask, what happens if you throw your hammer, and it falls off a ledge? Well, it is an issue with this build. In fact, it is the only issue with this build. If you lose your hammer, you will have to wait. But, to reduce the wait duration, we have 2x Melee Kickstart mods that will give back 30% of your melee energy, as soon as you use it. As soon as you realize that you have lost your hammer, use your Rally Barricade, and sit on the sunspot. Due to the Sol Invictus buff, your melee will start regenerating rapidly, and so will your barricade. As soon as your barricade is up, use it once again. You will get your hammer back in less than 30 seconds. If there are enemies nearby, your abilities will regen even faster due to the Distribution mod.

If you manage to apply Scorch to targets with your sunspots and your weapons with the Incandescent perk. You will seldom run out of class ability energy. And more barricades mean more sunspots. The Ember of Ashes fragment will help you apply more Scorch stacks to targets. You will be able to Ignite them very easily.

The grenade and the movement ability don’t matter much. You can choose whatever you want, actually. I personally like Thermite Grenades, hence the mention.

Before I conclude this guide, I just want to say that I am currently using this build personally, and I have done 11 Duality Dungeon runs and 2 runs of Master Nightfalls with this. There is a 100% chance, that you already know about a Solar 3.0 build, that is probably better than mine in every way. And that is fine. I am just doing my part for the Destiny 2 community.

Best Titan Solar 3.0 Build

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you have any addition to make regarding this topic, then also you can comment below. And for more Destiny 2 guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. Good luck!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on September 12, 2022

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  1. Anthony Shadis

    Hey thanks for the mods you used. I’ve tried to use different builds and still have solo it otherwise I’ve ran it with one teammate couple times he said he was able to do it solo. I appreciate the work you do for the community keep up the work.

  2. Thanks for the guide. I never thought of activating your barricade right before popping your super so that you’re already standing in a sunspot and don’t need to run around – good tip!

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