Best PC Component Deal of Christmas 2017

We all become excited when it comes to deals and especially during the Christmas because in the month of December we get to see a lot of sweet discounts on our favorite products. Sadly,this year we didn’t get to see any deal of that sort. We were going through the website of MD Computers and we saw something that we thought is the Best PC Component deal of Christmas 2017 , on PC components. And considering how lesser number of deals we get from the e-commerce websites on PC components,this one is pretty sweet.

Best Christmas Deal of 2017

Deal type : PC Component [ 9 hours left ]

Buy from MD Computers

Cue the recent release of the Smart RGB series from Thermaltake. The RGB nomenclature added to the product name quite obviously implies the use of RGB LEDs somewhere on these power supplies. In Smart RGB product stack, Thermaltake moved the RGB LEDs from the outside of the cooling fan to the fan hub illuminating the entire fan in the process. The 10 RGB LEDs come pre-installed on the 120mm fan and support 256 colors with 15 lighting modes ( Pulse Red/ Green/ Blue/ Yellow/ Purple/ Light Blue/ White, 256 color RGB cycle, Solid Red/ Green/ Blue/ Yellow/ Purple/ Light Blue/ White, and a LED Off). Each different mode is selected by pressing the RGB lightning button. These cannot be controlled via software.


Outside of the RGB LEDs, Thermaltake Smart PSUs use an “Ultra quiet” 120mm fan with intelligent RPM control. The fan cruve ramps up fairly slowly until you reach around 60% load where it ramps up a bit more aggressively. Thermaltake shows these fans under full load reaching a maximum of 28.6dB (700W model – a bit less for the 500W). As far as efficiency goes, the Smart Line is certified at a basic 80 Plus.


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