Best Outfits in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Best Outfits in Star Wars Jedi Survivor – The Star Wars Jedi Survivor is an action-adventure game that is a sequel to the original Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. The game is available on all Consoles and Windows as well. The game is based on Unreal Engine 4, developed by Respawn Entertainment, and published by EA Games.

Customization is one of the critical elements in the game, and you can change their look of Cal by giving him a new haircut, beard and fancy new clothes to wear and explore the galaxies. You will find a lot of vendors and hidden crates, and you will travel between different worlds, and these will provide you with a lot of cosmetics. There are alot of options to choose from, starting from the iconic look of Cal and to using different outfits over time so that it feels like an actual Star Wars Universe.

So this article will show you the Top 10 best Outfits you can get in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Best Outfits in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Best Outfits in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Scrapper You will find this outfit in the basement bedroom that you will get from Greeze. It is the same outfit he wore in the opening sequence of Jedi Fallen Order.
Exile This is a slightly modified look, with a more warrior-like-looking outfit than the former. You can change the colours of this outfit.
Duelist This outfit showcases a basic look with a sense of fighting spirit and looks well with the Blaster Stance. This jacket has a cape on it, and it showcases Cal’s muscles.
Drifter This outfit features a decorative chest, collar, and smooth-looking belt, giving a regal look. It is one of the coolest-looking outfits on the list.
Commander This outfit looks and makes you feel like a commander ready to get going into the battle. It has very distinct colours and stands out amongst this list of outfits as one of the bulkiest-looking outfits.
Scoundrel You will get this outfit if you have purchased the Deluxe Edition of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor. You will have the Scoundrel Set immediately, along with the Blaster components, so that you can look like Han Solo DL44.
Rebel Hero The Rebel Hero features a yellow jacket, brown trousers and shiny boots, and you can only get this outfit if you buy the game’s Deluxe Edition.
Hermit The Hermit Outfit is available if you have pre-ordered Star Wars Jedi Survivor. This is the same outfit that Obi-Wan wears in Disney+Series.
Jedi This is the actual Jedi Outfit, and you can wear it after finding this outfit by progressing through the main storyline. With this outfit, you can be a True Jedi within your Order.
Poncho This is more of a Meme Outfit. The Poncho Outfit comes in a default pink color although there are lighter and darker variations of this outfit available as well.

So this was all about the top 10 best Outfits in Star Wars Survivor.

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