Best Location to Farm for Bugs in Yakuza Like a Dragon

Wondering which is the best location for farming bugs in Yakuza Like a Dragon? Don’t worry we got you.

Best Location to Farm for Bugs in Yakuza Like a Dragon

Where to farm bugs

When you get to the crafting part of the game you will need a lot of bugs and those are rare to find during fights and dungeons, however a good location to farm for it is the HAMAKITA PARK, located at the top right part of the city map.

For better efficiency go there and farm as many as possible. When you realize that you are not getting any more bugs on the location, just take a taxi to another location. That will reset the bug spawn rate. Now you can go back to Hamakita Park are start farming again.

This could actually also be a good option for making money since bugs sell for a good amount.

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Last Updated on November 16, 2020

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