Best Cloak for Early Game in Forspoken

Best Cloak Forspoken – Amongst the three pieces of gear you will find in the game, the Cloak is one of them. The Necklaces and the Nails will provide you with more focus and buffing different aspects of Frey, but the Cloak will help you with your stamina, health, defense, and healing as well. Even if the game allows you to lower your difficulty stages, the key to survival in Forspoken is getting a good cloak.

So here are some of the best Cloaks you can use in Forspoken during the game’s early hours.

Best Cloak to start with in Forspoken

There are a lot of Cloaks available in Forspoken, and soon as you have access to the open world, you will find some Points of Interest on the Map with the Cloak Icon beside them. Get to those locations and complete those activities, as these are your key to getting the best Cloaks in the game.

If you are not ready to look for Cloaks immediately after starting the game and just want something that is a little better than the Standard Cloak. You can go for the Elite Cloak, which you should have in your inventory if you had pre-ordered Forspoken.

Elite Cloak in Forspoken

Anyway, the first Cloak you will find in the game will be located in the East of Labyrinth. It will be a locked Cloak, and completing a particular activity will help you unlock it. You must infiltrate and clear three rooms full of enemies and finally face the boss. Defeat the boss, and you will have the Labyrinth East unlocked, rewarding you with the best Cloak for the early game, Pelerine.

Pelerine Cloak in Forspoken

Pelerine is the best Cloak to start with in Forspoken, as it is the one you will unlock after the Standard Cloak. This Cloak helps boost both your stamina and health. Don’t forget to go to the Refuge to upgrade your Cloak by crafting more effects onto it.

Get more cloaks when you progress through the main storyline, and complete the Locked Labyrinth missions. Check the Map to know the different activities that help you get Cloaks, but the important and powerful ones are only accessible once you complete Locked Labyrinth objectives.

One more Early Cloak that you can get is the Valorous. This Cloak will buff up your Red Magic spells.

Valorous Cloak in Forspoken

The Pelerine and the Valorous are great-looking cloaks, considered the best for the early game in Forspoken. With that being said, there are more cloaks, and you will soon discover them once you progress through the game.

Getting and equipping the best Cloaks is totally worth it because as the game progresses, you will have to deal with more challenging enemies, and that is where the health and the stamina Cloaks will be most helpful to keep you alive.

So this was all about the Best Cloak for Early Game in Forspoken.

Forspoken is an open-world action-adventure game published by Square Enix and developed by Luminous Studios. You will have to step into the shoes of Frey, the Protagonist who gets teleported into a magical and beautiful land, Athia. You will be able to explore, fight enemies, unlock upgrades, and survive while finding a way to get back home.

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Last Updated on January 26, 2023

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