Berk The Travelling Trader and Ottar the Merchant Location in V Rising

V Rising is satisfying the “itch” of every single RPG lover in the world. The game is a mixture of Valheim and Lost Ark. In fact, people are calling V Rising, “Valheim with Vampires”.

There are many aspects in V Rising, that players might not be able to discover immediately. The more you play, the more you get amazed. Did you know, that V Rising has Traders and Merchants, as well? Let’s talk about that (any GMM fan?).

Traders, in V Rising, are able to communicate with you and give you useful items. This tutorial will go over where these Merchants can be found, as well as information on Silver Coins and how to trade in V Rising.

In V Rising, Traders are NPC Merchants who give you helpful products in return for a certain number of Silver Coins, prices varying as the item changes. 

Now, if you’re looking forward to purchasing anything from these Merchants. In such a situation, you must first transform into your human form, as humans in V Rising fear vampires and would avoid interacting with you if you are discovered in your vampire form. This is true of all human characters in the game, including Traders.

It’s time to find some Merchants after you’ve transformed into your human form and found some silver coins. Because V Rising is still in Early Access, there are just a handful of Merchants available for now. In this article, we’ll be focusing on two of the main traders, Berk the Traveling Trader and Ottar the Merchant.

Berk Location

Now, the first travelling trader “Berk” can be found at the Dawnbreak Village near Dunley Farmlands. Here is the exact location where I found Berk:

Berk Location in V Rising

He provides a number of potions and seeds, namely:

  • Deer Head
  • Wolf Head
  • Bear Head
  • Blood Rose Potion
  • Holy Resistance Potion
  • Garlic Resistance Potion
  • Gemstones like Regular Amethyst, Regular Ruby, Regular Sapphire, Regular Emerald, Regular Topaz, and Regular Miststone
  • Sunflower Seeds

Ottar Location

Moving on to the other option you’ve got, “Ottar the Merchant”. Ottar is located in the Brighthaven Slums at the Silverlight Hills. You can find him inside a small house. Here is the exact location of Ottar the Merchant:

Ottar Location in V Rising

He, too, provides a variety of items to choose from, differing from Berk, namely:

  • Ghost Shroom Spores
  • Ashfolk Helmet
  • Highland Lotus Seeds
  • Flawless Gemstones like Flawless Amethyst, Flawless Ruby, Flawless Sapphire, Flawless Emerald, Flawless Topaz, and Flawless Miststone
  • Mitre
  • Major Explosive Box

How to change into Human Form in V Rising

Just in case you’re wondering, how you could change into your “Human form”, it can be done as follows:

You’ll need to head to the Dawnbreak village first, looking for the Plant of Beatrice the Tailor, which can be obtained by eliminating Beatrice the Tailor. You probably won’t face any difficulties eliminating Beatrice the Tailor, as she doesn’t have any attacks, and it’s quite easy to finish her off. Considering the fact that she only tries to run away from the fight. Once you unlock the Human Form, you can just press Ctrl on your Keyboard and select it.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out the other V Rising guides on Frondtech. Good luck!

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Last Updated on May 27, 2022

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