Battletoads 2020 – How to solve puzzle with four pictures

It is 2020, and a new Battletoads game just got released. The launch of the game happened out of nowhere. There was no hype created at all. I highly doubt that majority of the Battletoads fans even know that there is a new game now.

Battletoads 2020 – How to solve puzzle with four pictures

The gameplay of the 2020 version of Battleloads is really fun to be honest. It is a lot different than the original one that was released almost thirty years ago.

The game is extremely colorful and combat system is really fluid and interesting. The game obviously belongs to the beat ’em up genre and has everything that games of this genre normally feature.

Now Battletoads 2020 has quite a number of puzzles for players to solve. The puzzles are not very tough but they are not extremely easy either. At some instances you will have to make use of your brain a bit more than you will normally do throughout the entire campaign.

One of those puzzles is the first picture based puzzle that you come across after playing the game for a while. You will notice four picture frames or screens in front you and there is a button below each picture. Every time you press the buttons the pictures in front change. And there is big button in the middle that you are suppose to press after you are done arranging the pictures in order.

How to solve the puzzle

Now apart from the pictures and buttons you will notice one wooden board on the left side of your screen and one on the right side of your screen. Both the boards have the same pictures on them. Those pictures are actually clues for the puzzle.

Both the boards show:

  • A crown
  • A Star
  • A Stick with round ends
  • A Knot

Now lets match the pictures on the wooden board with the pictures on the frames or screens above.





So here is what the puzzle should look like after you are done solving it:

Now all you have to do is press the big red button in the middle and you are good to go.

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Last Updated on August 20, 2020

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