Apex Legends – Error 0x887A0006 DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG – How to fix

Apex Legends DXGI Error – Experiencing the 0x887A0006 error in Apex Legends after Season 14? Don’t worry we got you.

What is the 0x887A0006 DXGI Error in Apex Legends

It is an error that a lot of players who have downloaded the game via Origin are experiencing. The error is basically an Engine Error that is mainly happening to people who are using RTX cards by Nvidia. But some AMD users are also facing this issue as well. Here is what the error says:

Engine Error
0x887A0006 – DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG The application’s device failed due to badly formed commands sent by the application. This is an design-time issue that should be investigated and fixed.

What this error does is, it completely freezes the screen when you are in-game. And no matter what you do, the game doesn’t respond at all. The only option you are left with then is to “Alt+Tab” out of the game or force close the game from the Task Manager.

This is actually a huge problem for people who play the ranked mode. After joining a ranked match if players leave the game then they would have to have a face penalty which normally is a cooldown. And that is something nobody wants to see.

The funny thing is this error is not new. In fact, this error has been around for more than a year. And you will see a ton of posts like this on the official EA forums.

How to fix the DXGI Error

Since I am using an RTX 3060 Ti, I was also experiencing this issue after I downloaded and installed the Season 14 update. I had to close my games multiple times and as a result, ended up getting multiple cooldowns. I finally managed to fix the issue after doing 2-3 things. The problem is I am not really sure which step fixed the issue. That is why I have listed everything that I did.

Here are the steps to fix the 0x887A0006 DXGI error in Apex Legends:

Download the latest Nvidia GeForce Game Ready v516.94 driver

Nvidia released a new driver on August 9, 2022, though this driver has nothing to do with Apex Legends, a lot of users are claiming that they managed to fix the issue by just updating their driver to the latest version. If you have GeForce Experience then just launch it, and you will see that a new update is available. But if you are not using GFE then here is the link to the driver:

Repair the Game

You can actually repair your games on the Origin application. Doing this would download any missing files and would fix some issues you are having.

Here is how to repair your game:

  • Launch Origin
  • Click on My Game Library
  • Select Apex Legends
  • Click on the Settings icon
  • Select Repair

The total process should take around 10-15 minutes depending on your hardware. Once everything is done, just restart your PC.

If you are a Steam user, I am pretty sure you know the process of verifying the game files.

Completely reinstall the game

Though I have mentioned this step at the last, this is the first thing that I did. I completely re-installed Apex Legends and then did the steps given above. So I would recommend that you follow the two steps given above first and then proceed with the re-installation.

If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you are facing problems that are not mentioned on this article then also you can comment below. We will try to come out with a fix. Good luck!

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That’s all folks!

Last Updated on August 10, 2022

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    I’m having the same problem, game freezing, I thought it was the overclocked I did, but several people are having the same problem
    Grx 1060 gddr5x 6gb
    16 gb dddr4
    Ssd 240gb
    Hd 500gb

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