Apex Legends – Crypto’s Map Room Location

Apex Legends Crypto’s Map Room Location – The first event of Season 5 in here and it is called the Lost Treasures Collection Event. A lot of things have been added with the update. A new game mode, new skins, Mirage Heirloom and a brand new location on the King’s Canyon map.

The location is called Crypto’s Map Room and it holds some secrets for you to discover.

Apex Legends – Crypto’s Map Room Location

The location of Crypto’s Map Room is just between Repulsor and Water Treatment.

Here is the exact location on the map:

Crypto’s Map Room – Description

We don’t have much information about the location. From what we have come to know to so far, Crypto’s Map Room will allow you to locate nearby squads and their exact locations would get revealed on the map.

You will need a Crypto to take control. All you have to do is activate the console and the location of your opponents will flash on the huge map in front of you.

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Last Updated on June 24, 2020

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