Anno 1800 – How To Colonize An Unpopulated Island And Settle On It

The world of Anno 1800 allows players to perform a bunch of tasks that can help them towards their progression. The main objective of players in Anno 1800 should always be to expand and grow. Find different places to settle and turn unpopulated locations into settlements.

In order to do these we need to first colonize an island. Only by colonizing islands we can have access to their full features. Here is how to colonize an island in order to settle on it:

Anno 1800 – How To Colonize An Unpopulated Island And Settle On It

How to colonize a new island in Anno 1800

Step 1

Step 2

  • Find an island with no buildings. If an island has buildings then that means it is not uninhabited and you cannot colonize it

Step 3

  • Once you manage to find a deserted isle or an island with no people, it is time to colonize it

Step 4

  • Check the fertility of the island by checking out the icons appearing above your mini map. The icons denote what crops can be grown on that island. Just move your cursor across the island and these icons would pop up

Step 5

  • Here are the resources you need in order to colonize an island:
  1. 8 Steel Beams
  2. 10 Planks

Step 6

  • The amount of money you need for this process is $2500. So make sure to collect some extra

Step 7

  • Once you have all the resources you need to colonize an island just locate the island beach

Step 8

  • Click on Build Trading Post to start building a small trading post there

You have successfully managed to colonize an island. You are good to go!




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