AMD Ryzen 2 Processors Release Date

AMD’s new lineup of processors are all set to launch in 2018. At first there were rumours that it is going to release in the month of February 2018. But according to the latest sources it is not coming out any time sooner. So people who were waiting for the AMD Ryzen 2 might have to wait till Q3 or Q4. Even though these are all speculations and no one knows the actual release date.

The next gen Ryzen processors are expected to bring with them a 12nm LP technology. This should, in turn, allow for slightly higher clockspeeds and greater power efficiency over first generation Ryzen processors. These processors may also launch with new and updated SenseMI tech, which was the case with the first Raven Ridge APUs, though we will have to wait and see a little longer to confirm. The Ryzen 2 processors launch will also be accompanied by new 400-series chipsets. This leak expects two new chipsets to tag along in March, the X470 and B450. Stay tuned for more updates.

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