All Plant Locations in Stray

Stray is a recent adventure of Annapurna Interactive. In this third-person adventure, you’re playing as a stray cat who lost his way, alone and split from his family.

While exploring this indie game, you’re entering the brutal world covered by plenty of machines, robots, and viruses.

If you want to flee from this cybercity, you have to solve numerous puzzles and quests.

One such side quest is the collection of plants assigned by the robot, Malo, a gardener with a passion for collecting plants.

You will find out Malo in AntVillage in Chapter 9. She will ask you to find those three plants: Red, Purple, and Yellow. Once you have completed the quest, you will get a Plant Badge reward from Malo.

If you’re curious about getting them, follow this article to know the locations of all plants in Stray.

All Plant Locations in Stray

You can get those colorful plants while exploring Antvillage. Check out the location of the three plants below.

Location of Red Plant:

The Red Plant is the first plant you will be getting. To get the Red Plant, drop from the tower using the bucket close to the mahjong-playing robots.

Once you have arrived, ensure the area is covered by sewage water, and you can see the way made of objects directing to an island.

Now it’s time to move forward on that path to look for the two robots who were digging the island.

At last, look for a sofa on the island, now you can start to climb up the tree next to it, where you can get the Red Plant.

Stray Red Plant Location

Location of Purple Plant:

The next plant you need to look for is the Purple Plant. Go back to the tower and start to look for the branch of a tree attached to the tower.

Stray Purple Plant Location

Note that this branch is on the same platform as the mahjong-playing robots. So, now you can quickly get the Purple Plant by walking across the tree branch.

Location of Yellow Plant

The yellow plant is the last plant you need to fetch in this adventure game. To get this, climb down from the tree branch, back to the tower, and on the left side, you will notice a ladder.

Ladder to reach Yellow Plant - Stray

Climb up the ladder, and once you have done so, you will notice crates in front of you and some ac vents on top of those. Climb up the crates, and then the AC units to reach the next floor.

Keep moving forward, and you will come by a sofa. Just beside the sofa, you will notice a pipe you can step on. Step on the pipe, and move forward a bit. You will get the Yellow Plant, attached to the wall.

Stray Yellow Plant Location

Once you’ve collected all the plants mentioned above, give them to Malo to collect your Plant Badge as a reward.

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Last Updated on July 27, 2022

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