All Overwatch 2 Mythic Skins

Blizzard has already released their most anticipated shooter game, Overwatch 2. It is the big day for the fans of Overwatch, who waited almost six years to enjoy the power-up moments of the brand-new season, Overwatch 2.

In this 5v5 PVP game, don’t forget to try out the new mode, Push, while selecting over 35 roster characters. Get this game on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, and Series S.

On the other hand, create a strong team with fascinating characters while mesmerizing the visuals of this shooter game. This shooter game has plenty of skins to try on your rosters, making you stand out from the crowd of Overwatch.

Blizzard never disappoints their devotees; in that aspect, they launched their brand-new variety of skins, Mythic Skin, in this shooter game. This is one of the legendary skin types, giving you more personalized options. So, you can quickly change anything from visual design to your character’s skin color per your wish.

 Before that, you should know all the Mythic Skin, how to unlock them, and how they worked in Overwatch 2. If you are curious about them, follow this guide to learn and grab your first Mythic Skin.

All Overwatch 2 Mythic Skins

Check it out below to know all the Overwatch 2 Mythic Skins.

Cyber Demon Genji

Cyber Demon Genji - Overwatch 2

It is the First Mythic Skin in this shooter game. If you are a level 80, you can quickly unlock them by purchasing the Season One Battle Pass and trying to finish before the due date, which is approximately nine weeks from now. In case you are not the high-level roaster in Overwatch 2, we suggest you ultimately level up your rank to unlock the battle pass.

Once you have unlocked the battle pass, you can customize your Cyber Demon Genji skin by changing your favorite mask, cool tattoos, fascinating colors, and the powerful armaments he always brings to beat the rivals. 

For instance, you can easily customize the mask color among red, purple, and green-themed masks of different demonic Japanese to hide the terrifying skull of your roaster.

So, unlock the battle pass to grab your Cyber Demon Genji, the first-ever Mythic skin in Overwatch 2. Don’t forget to try out the choice of three various tattoos, two armaments, and three colors. If you want to check out the impressive design, check it out below. 

When writing, Cyber Demon Genji is the only Mythic skin in Overwatch 2. In the future, Blizzard will deliver plenty of Mythic Skins with its battle passes, so keep an eye on us for more updates.

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Last Updated on October 7, 2022

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