All New Season 21 Strand Aspects

Season 21 Strand Aspects – Season of the Deep, Destiny 2’s latest season, has only just begun, and with the same come a few Strand Aspects. For every class, there is to be a new aspect that completely changes how each subclass behaves. Further, all of these aspects have their characteristics, and in this article, we’ll be guiding you with all of the new Season 21 Strand Aspects that have just been added to the game; keep reading!

All New Season 21 Strand Aspects

These Strand Aspects are very different; here’s a bit about each one!

Hunter: Threaded Specter
New Hunter Strand Aspect

This particular strand aspect modifies the class ability that forsakes a decoy copy of the Hunter Woven in Strand, once a dodge is performed and when the decoy takes in enough damage or an enemy is close enough, it automatically detonates, releasing threadings that’ll seek enemies out. This could come in handy when/if you’re solo in legendary lost sectors or when bypassing some enemies during the trickier parts of platforming, dungeons, per se. 

Titan: Flechette Storm
New Titan Strand Aspect

A sliding melee, finally coming to the game in season 21 to the Titan Class. When sliding, a charged melee action will send you up into the sky while pushing your enemies further behind. Using your melee, in this case, would launch high-damage projectiles. Chainable, as is the case with the current strand melee. This could prove to be a massive help as this allow for Guardians to perform melee attacks from a range rather than being too close; much needed!

Warlock: The Wanderer
New Warlock Strand Aspect

Strand Tangles, as introduced in Lightfall, are green orbs that’ll usually drop for you when using Strand. These can be shot if enemies are near you to deal damage to them in proximity. And with this strand aspect, the tangles you throw will attach to enemies and detonate, dealing some damage. Another part of it is that threading final blows would also create tangles!

Not particularly an endgame pick, as the first impression tells us; most of Warlock’s Strand Kits involve spawning a ton of Threadlings, but relying on it for the final blow sounds a bit difficult due to this strand aspect. Time will tell, though! 

That’s everything there is to know about the new Strand Aspects in Destiny 2’s season 21.

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Last Updated on May 25, 2023

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