All Lightfall Exotics in Destiny 2

Lightfall Exotics – As the brand-new trailer of Destiny 2 reveals, Lightfall is going to have three very new Exotic weapons. Although the process to unlock them is not known yet, we do know that one of them would be for sure locked behind the Season Pass. 

As it was seen in the trailer, one of these weapons is going to have an intrinsic perk that would work great with Strand. The remaining two weapons also come with intrinsic perks, but they are going to have Champion stunning abilities. That being said, here are all these Exotic weapons that would be going live in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

All Lightfall Exotics in Destiny 2

Although some might argue that the Quicksilver Storm should also be an Exotic, which is tied to Lightfall. If you are someone who has already preordered the expansion, then you are going to have access to the weapon now. Even though it has little interaction with Strand, due to the fact that the weapon is already in the game, it is not a new exotic at all. Other than this Auto Rifle, these are the new Exotics in the game:

  1. Final Warning, it is a sidearm. 
  2. Winterbite, which is a Glaive. 
  3. Deterministic Chaos, which is again a Machine gun.

Final Warning

Final Warning Exotic Sidearm - Destiny 2 Lightfall

This is a sidearm with Stand element type. It’s going to fire charged tracking rounds. Now, given its target tracking abilities, it’s going to be of great help in PvP. Once it goes live, it is going to be rather interesting to see its workings. On a more important note, this is going to occupy the Kinetic slot probably, along with the other Static and Kinetic weapons. Also, there is a great chance that it interacts with some Strand verbs too.

Deterministic Chaos

Deterministic Chaos Exotic Machine Gun - Lightfall

This is a Machine Gun of the Void element type. This would probably be the only exotic weapon in the game that would apply various debuffs to the opponents and interact with two distinct void verbs. Weakening of the enemies is done by the fourth shot, while the 16th one is going to make the enemy volatile. This weapon would prove to be a great asset for you in the volatile rounds as they can, if used correctly, even pierce the Barrier Champions.


Winterbite Exotic Glaive - Lightfall

Winterbite an Exotic Glaive that can freeze your opponent with a frost orb. In theory, you can possibly stun both the Overload and the Unstoppable champions with this weapon only. Still, a theory is in one place and practicality in another.

We would only be able to know these weapons’ true capabilities when Destiny 2 Lightfall goes live, and the weapons are put to the test. Till then, we recommend trying to start the event with the above information. 

How to get the new Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2 Lightfall?

As of now, the way to get these weapons is a bit unclear. Although if we take a look at the Witch Queen expansion and the Beyond light, one of the three weapons is to be locked behind, as previously mentioned, the Season pass. The rest are both going to be associated with individual quests. All of these are our speculations. The event goes live on February 28, so we would know better then. 

That is all there is to know about all Lightfall exotics in Destiny 2. Stay tuned with us for further updates on the same!

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Last Updated on February 28, 2023

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