All Digimons in Digimon Survive

Bandai Namco never disappoints us when it comes to anime-related games. In that respect, their tactical role-playing game, Digimon Survive, was recently released to the game world.

In this tactical game, you’ll be playing as Takuma Momozuka, who lost on a school trip and finds himself transported to a world occupied by cruel opponents and new allies.

Build your great squad with Digimons to explore this visual novel gameplay in this mysterious world.

Create your storyline with thrilling visuals with this role-playing game, and get ready to battle over deadly monsters with your various Digimon squad. While testing your ability in this strange world, it may help when you know all the Digimons in this tactical RPG.

If you think like me while playing Digimon Survive on your console or PC, follow this article to get to know all the Digimons in Digimon Survive.

All Digimons in Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive has five possible Digimons sections containing 117 Digimons: Super Ultimate Digimon, Ultimate, Perfect, Adult, and Child. Check it out below for more details.

Super Ultimate Digimon

Digimon Survive has only one Super Ultimate Digimon, who dominates all other Digimons with its highest capabilities named Omnimon.

Omnimon - Digimon Survive

Ultimate Digimon

The second-highest ranked creatures are under Ultimate Digimon, and it’s ready to battle with you. You can check those in the below list.

  1. Ceresmon Medium
  2. Ceresmon
  3. Cherubimon
  4. Dinorexmon
  5. Dukemon
  6. Bancho Stingmon
  7. Baihumon
  8. Beelzebumon
  9. Hououmon
  10. Herakle Kabuterimon
  11. Huanglongmon
  12. Holydramon
  13. Pinochimon
  14. Plesiomon
  15. Plutomon
  16. Piemon
  17. Marin Angemon
  18. Mugendramon
  19. Metal Seadramon
  20. Metal Garurumon
  21. Seraphimon
  22. Spinomon
  23. Sakuyamon
  24. Saber Leomon
  25. Valdurmon
  26. Voltobautamon
  27. Zhuqiaomon
  28. War Greymon
  29. Xuanwumon
  30. Rosemon
  31. Anubimon
  32. Qinglongmon
  33. Gran Kuwagamon

Perfect Digimon

These Digimon are beneficial when unlocking new capabilities and attacks; find out in the list below.

  1. Angewomon
  2. Andiramon
  3. Andromon
  4. Archnemon
  5. Altur Kabuterimon
  6. Cerberumon
  7. Blossomon
  8. Blue Meramon
  9. Delumon
  10. Etemon
  11. Holy Angemon
  12. Jewelbeemon
  13. Lilimon
  14. Garudamon
  15. Gigadramon
  16. Okuwamon
  17. Monzaemon
  18. Metal Greymon
  19. Mega Seadramon
  20. Mermaimon
  21. Megalo Growmon
  22. Megadramon
  23. Marin Devimon
  24. Taomon
  25. Skull Greymon
  26. Triceramon
  27. Panjyamon
  28. Yatagaramon
  29. Vamdemon
  30. Were Garurumon
  31. Zudomon

Adult Digimon

Adult Digimons are helpful to keep up with your storyline and encourage doing boss fights when Child Digimon are being helpless during the drop-down of their power. Check out the Adult Digimon in the below list.

  1. Greymon
  2. Cyclamen
  3. Dokugomon
  4. Siesamon
  5. Kiwimon
  6. Kyubimon
  7. Wendimon
  8. Tyranomon
  9. Turuiemon
  10. Tailmon
  11. Togemon
  12. Tuskmon
  13. Vegimon
  14. Meramon
  15. Numemon
  16. Sangloupmon
  17. Seadramon
  18. Shellmon
  19. Garurumon
  20. Growmon
  21. Guardromon
  22. Ikkakumon
  23. Kabuterimon
  24. Kuwagamon
  25. Leomon
  26. Fangmon
  27. Flymon
  28. Angemon
  29. Birdramon
  30. Cyclomon
  31. Deltamon
  32. Diatrymon
  33. Dobermon
  34. Dokugumon

Child Digimon

At last, the Child Digimon is the first stage of Digimons in this role-playing game, and you can see them more frequently in anime than in your gameplay since it’s common in this novel game.

  1. Palmon
  2. Patamon
  3. Piyomon
  4. Kunemon
  5. Floramon
  6. Falcomon
  7. Draculmon
  8. Agumon
  9. Tentomon
  10. Renamon
  11. Shakomon
  12. Labramon
  13. Lopmon
  14. Gomamon
  15. Gottsumon
  16. Betamon
  17. Gabumon
  18. Gazimon
  19. Guilmon

These are the Digimons that are used in Digimon Survive. If we missed your favorite Digimons in this list, let us know in the comment section.

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on August 4, 2022

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