All Destiny 2 Season 19 Iron Banner Rewards

January 3rd marks the return of the Iron Banner in Destiny 2, with new rewards! As with previous seasons, the particular event lasts about two weeks, twice every season. Nevertheless, we do not know if the Iron Banner will stay around for a bit longer than other seasons, but you’ve got a lot to look up to!

As with the rewards, we can expect some new weapons and some old weaponry going out of the circulation for this season, and with that, here’s a complete list of rewards that you could potentially get during Destiny 2’s season of the Seraph!

All Destiny 2 Season 19 Iron Banner Rewards

Bungie’s blog post revealed two new weapons in this particular event, the Dark Decider, which is a fully automatic rifle, and Gunnora’s Axe, which is a shotgun. Other than these two, some older Iron Banner weapons would make a return, which includes:

  • Razor’s Edge – Sword
  • Frontier’s Cry – Handcannon
  • Allied Demand – Sidearm
  • The Hero’s Burden – SMG
  • The Wizened Rebuke – Fusion Rifle
  • Roar of the Bear – Rocket Launcher

Destiny 2 Season 19 Iron Banner Rewards

In essence, there are two main ways in which you could get these rewards. The first way requires a bit of grunt work, meaning you’ll have to take part in the Iron Banner matches and keep increasing your reputation, to as much as you could which would basically mean more rewards with Valus Forge.

The second way is quite simple, which is to win as many Iron Banner matches as you possibly can. Both of these methods would help you earn Iron Banner engrams.  

The next step is to take those engrams to Master Rahool in order to decode them. By doing the same, you’d be rewarded with a weapon or an armor piece that’s currently in circulation.

When it comes to armor pieces, there’s a bunch currently in for the event. Here’s a list:

Warlock Hunter Titan
Iron Companion Hood Iron Companion Mask Iron Companion Helm
Iron Companion Gloves Iron Companion Sleeves Iron Companion Gauntlets
Iron Companion Vestments Iron Companion Vest Iron Companion Plate
Iron Companion Legs Iron Companion Boots Iron Companion Greaves
Wolfswood Cloak Wolfswood Cloak Wolfswood Mark

Another feature is that there’ll be a new game mode named Fortress. As of right now, there’s not much knowledge regarding the game mode. However, you can expect that Caiatl would be included to some degree. 

That’s everything we had regarding Destiny 2 season 19’s Iron Banner Rewards!

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Last Updated on January 7, 2023

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