All Characters in Hogwarts Legacy – Full List

All Hogwarts Legacy characters – Hogwarts Legacy is a highly anticipated title, and every Potter Fan is waiting for the game to get released. We are also hyped with this game, and we are certain that it will not fail to impress us. While you progress through the storyline, you will come across various characters like students and professors in the game, which is why we listed out all the characters or NPCs you will meet in this game.

So if you are curious about all the characters you can encounter in the game, this article will be perfect for you.

All Characters in Hogwarts Legacy – Full List

Here are all the characters that you will find in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Students List

Here is the complete list of students you will find in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy’s main protagonist

The main protagonist in Hogwarts Legacy will be a student with a customizable gender, appearance, and house as you start the game. Once you have finished customizing it, you can begin your journey by joining as a fifth-year student in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Your specialty will be ancient magic, and You will have the option to choose between 4 houses.

  1. Gryffindor
  2. Hufflepuff
  3. Ravenclaw
  4. Slytherin

Hogwarts Legacy Students and their Houses

Students House Personality Specialty
Natsai Onai Gryffindor Quick Wits and Wise Charms
Poppy Sweeting Hufflepuff Compassionate and Bright Magic Beasts
Amit Thakkar Ravenclaw Well Read and Bright Not known
Sebastian Sallow Slytherin Extrovert and Charming Dark Magic
Everett Clopton Ravenclaw Mischievous Not known
Mahendra Pehlwaan Ravenclaw Obedient Not known

Hogwarts Legacy Professors List

Here is the complete list of professors you will find in the Hogwarts Legacy game.

Professors Occupation House
Phineas Nigellus Black Headmaster at Hogwarts Slytherin
Abraham Ronen Professor of Charms Slytherin
Mirabel Garlick Professor of Herbology Hufflepuff
Aesop Sharp Professor of Potions Slytherin
Dinah Hecat Professor of Defense Against Dark Arts Ravenclaw
Cuthbert Binns Professor of History of Magic Not Known
Eleazar Fig Professor of Magical Theory Not Known
Professor Onai Professor of Divination Not Known
Matilda Weasley Professor of Transfiguration and Deputy Headmistress Gryffindor
Satyavati Shah Professor of Anatomy Not Known
Unnamed Flying Professor Professor of Flying Not known

Hogwarts Legacy Other characters List

Here is the list of the other characters you will find in the Hogwarts Legacy game.

Characters Occupation
Madam Cassandra Mason Shopkeeper
George Osric Ministry of Magic High-ranking Official
Deek House Elf
Nearly Headless Nick Gryffindor House Ghost
The Fat Lady Gryffindor Tower Door Guard
The Sorting Hat Determines new Students at Hogwarts
Ranrok Main Antagonist of the Game
Victor Rookwood Dark Wizard and ally of Ranrok

So this was all about the characters you will find in Hogwarts Legacy. Remember that Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t feature Harry Potter, and you will have to step into the shoes of a Wizard and complete every objective offered to you.

Hogwarts Legacy is a Third Person Action Adventure game developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros. In this game, you will have to step into the shoes of a Wizard and join the Hogwarts School as a student while uncovering the secrets of the magical wizardry world while fighting off enemies.

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Last Updated on February 6, 2023

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