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How to get or play Warframe Frame Fighter Minigame in Warframe

The Frame Fighter Update is finally out in Warframe along with new Dojo Decorations and new Amp Parts for your Operator. Frame Fighter is a new fighting minigame where you can challenge your friends to a side by side duel. Frame Fighter was Inspired by long-time Warframe Fan LocoCrazy_ and it will transform your Orbiter into a battleground where you can duel with your friends and show your fighting skills. You can download it completely free from here.

How to get or play Warframe Frame Fighter Minigame in Warframe

Here is how you can get or play Frame Fighter Minigame in Warframe:
  • Visit Simaris
  • Get the Ludoplex through Standings.
  • Choose from Excalibur, Volt and Mag. They are given different abilities of their own.
  • Continue unlocking additional Frame Fighter characters by discovering Fragments  that you can find throughout the game.
  • If the scanned Warframe’s Prime is in your Inventory, you will get the option to toggle to the Prime version of the acquired character.

You are good to go!



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That’s all folks!

Updated: August 17, 2018 — 3:56 am

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