How to buy V-bucks without Credit Card or PayPal in Fortnite

There is no denial that skins are one of the biggest parts of Fortnite’s success. Epic releases new skins, pickaxes and emotes every week so that players keep on getting something fresh, something to be excited about all the time. But, one simply cannot buy the awesome skins. He needs to buy the in-game currency of Fortnite first and they are known as “V-bucks”. Fortnite does not accept money directly and V-bucks are the only way to buy in-game items in Fortnite.


There are only two options that Epic has provided if you want to buy V-bucks. First is via Credit cards and second is via PayPal accounts. But not everyone owns a Credit card or a verified PayPal account. There are a lot of Fortnite players who own debit cards and keep on complaining about their cards getting rejected during the payment process. So does that mean there is no hope for them? Here is a small tutorial on How to buy V-bucks without Credit Card or PayPal in Fortnite :

How to buy V-bucks without Credit Card or PayPal in Fortnite

  • Visit (This website is extremely trusted and we have tried it several times)
  • Register yourself which is completely free
  • Sing-in to your account
  • You will be given two options. Create card and View cards
  • Click on Create card
  • You will see a picture of a card with your name on it
  • Top up with a minimum of $5 with the help of your Visa Debit card(Any Visa Debit Card would do)
  • Once your top up is done, the card that was showing on your screen before would be unlocked
  • You will get a working Credit Card number, CVV and an Expiry Date
  • Enter those details during the payment process of your V-bucks purchase

You are good to go!



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That’s all folks!



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