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Best Gaming PC under Rs. 50000 ($750) 2018

We all know that how costly building a gaming PC is getting day by day. Gamers are really having a tough time coping up with the increasing prices of the PC components. Nobody knows when the prices are going to drop but if we are in an urgent need for a PC now we cannot […]

Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs 45000 ($500) 2018

With the prices of the PC components increasing more and more day by day, it is becoming very hard for people who are on a low budget, to build a gaming PC. Nobody knows when this is going to stop but if we are in an urgent need for a PC now we cannot sit […]

Best Gaming PC at Rs 40000 ($600)

We love budget builds here at Frondtech and we know that you love it too. The reason we keep on pushing more and more budget friendly builds on this website is because we know that in India, there are a lot of gamers but not everybody wants to spend hefty amounts for it. So today […]

Best Gaming PC Build under Rs 25000

We have featured a lot of budget gaming builds on this site till date. Most of them had more or less good specs, enough to bless gamers with a smooth gameplay. This time we decided to go a bit extreme and came up with a decent gaming build that cannot get any cheaper. This is […]

Best Gaming PC under Rs 50000

We all know how popular PC gaming is getting day by day as more and more developers are launching their games on the PC platform. The consoles are pretty much getting dominated by the PC master race and this would only get better for the PC gamers as time passes by. We all want a […]

Beast Gaming PC Build under Rs.80000 ( $1250 )

So far,we have mainly focused on budget builds here.But tbh not everyone is under a tight budget when assembling a rig.So today’s build is for those who are not reluctant to spend a bit extra to get a bit extra.This build is mainly focused on hardcore gamers who do not prefer their frames per second […]

Best Gaming PC Build under Rs.30000

In India,after the introduction of GST,a lot of consumer goods have taken a huge leap when it comes to their prices and PC components are one of them.The prices of PC parts have almost doubled since 2012 which now makes it very difficult for the people in india to build a decent PC at a […]

Best Gaming PC Build under Rs.35000

“Okay we all know that you have come here to see the names of the parts that are listed under this build so let us go ahead straight up to the list without wasting anymore time.” Note:You can keep on reading the article even after seeing the list if you are eager to know about […]

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