Is this the best Gaming Monitor under Rs.10,000 [ $150 ] ?

So today we decided to take a break from PC builds and for a change review a product.Even though the PC builds that we post are more or less small reviews of the components that we put up in,this one is solely for a single product.

We are going to talk about a budget gaming monitor today from Acer that comes under the price point of Rs.10000 and probably a good option for gamers who are on a budget.

Best Gaming Monitor under Rs.10000


Price : Rs.10,000

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The Acer KG241Q is one of the latest additions by Acer to their “budget family”.It is mainly focused at providing features that gaming monitors normally have but at an affordable price point.We all know that how costly gaming monitors can really get which forces budget gamers to go for basic monitors.But things might change now as this one packs some serious features that kinda puts it under the “Gaming Monitor” genre.

The Acer KG241Q features a 23.6 inches TN Panel Display which is common in most of the gaming monitors,hi-end or low-end,with a resolution of 1920×1080. So do not expect the color reproduction and viewing angles to be excellent like Monitors with IPS Panel.But after fiddling with it for quite a while we could say that the colors are not that bad when compared to other TN Panel monitors at this price point.The blacks appeared blacks and the whites appeared whites.The display is slightly on the warmer side.

The main two selling points of this monitor according to us have to be the 1ms response time and 75hz refresh rate.Yeah we know that 75hz is nothing compared to 144hz or 210hz but it is still better that 60hz.And you would never get a 144hz monitor at Rs.10,000 anyway.The 1ms response time really helps while playing games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Fortnite.Another special feature that this monitor has is AMD FreeSync which syncs your display’s framerate to the video card.So people having an AMD card,you can bid farewell to screen tearing for good.

The design on the Acer KG241Q is decent and nothing too spectacular.It does not feature an Infinity or Edge to Edge display like they have on a lot of IPS monitors and looks pretty basic.Acer has designed it in a way which makes it look like a cheaper version of the Acer Predator Series gaming monitors.

The monitor also features 2x2W speakers that we do not recommend using during gaming at all.But at times it gets the job done,if you have to listen to something real quick and don’t want to plugin your headphones.It has got 2 HDMI ports and a VGA port.There is no Display Port or USB port available on this.

In the end,we would like to say that the Acer KG241Q is a great monitor for gamers at this price point and you should definitely consider it while purchasing a monitor of gaming.Won’t recommend it if you are into video editing and stuff as it barely gets the job done.


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