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AMD Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G Launched

Today, AMD has finally released their Ryzen APUs. And let me tell you that the results are nothing less than fantastic. These are the best APUs AMD has ever released, and they effectively kill off the Ryzen 5 1500X and the Ryzen 3 1200. In terms of specs, the new Ryzen APUs are interesting for a number of reasons. They give us AMD’s latest Zen CPU architecture combined with AMD’s top Vega graphics architecture.

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G Launched

The performance of these APUs highly depend on the ram speeds so you have to make sure that you are using fast memory sticks in order the squeeze out maximum performance from these APUs, more the amount of memory sticks better the performance. Yes, we are talking about Dual-Channeling. The good news is these 2 APUs are supported on the existing AM4 motherboards so you can easily rock these beasts on a B350 motherboard. It is important to note that the Ryzen 5 2400G comes fully unlocked—on both the CPU and GPU area and is more or less a nemesis for the existing Ryzen 5 1500X. It’s officially priced lower, it has slightly higher clock speeds but half the L3 cache, and it hits a similar overclocking limit. Since both chips run in the same AM4 socket, there’s almost no reason to buy a 4-core Ryzen 5 solution going forward—or the Ryzen 3 CPUs either, for that matter.

We managed to test Counter Strike : Global Offensive on the  Ryzen 5 2400G with 2x8gb ddr4 2800mhz ram sticks and we got a more than smooth game play at 150+ fps with the video settings maxed out.


Price of Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 5 2400G :

The Ryzen 5 2400G is priced at $169. Buy now!

The Ryzen 3 2200G is priced at $99. Buy now!

Price of Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 5 2400G in India :

The Ryzen 5 2400G is priced at Rs. 12,970(including GST).

The Ryzen 3 2200G is priced at Rs. 8,600(including GST).

Keep following our website to get  full benchmarks of these processors.


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Updated: February 13, 2018 — 7:43 am

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